May 27, 2016

The London 101 – 2011


London has something to cater every interest, no matter what you like to do, London has got it covered. It’s diverse urban life is amongst the richest in the world, with a history spanning over a millennium, taking in all of London would require more than a lifetime. Luckily for us, there are some fantastic websites and resources out there to make exploring this fantastic city, just a little bit easier. Wouldn’t it be great though to highlight the best of the best of these, and celebrate their brilliance? We think so too…

As chosen by 15 top travel experts we can now reveal the top 101 London blogs, that you cannot afford to miss.  Introducing The London 101.

Update: Voting for the overall winner has now closed! The winner of the London 101 2011 is Miss Immy’s London (number 39!) Congratulations!!

1-     Miss Immy’s London : 

*LONDON 101 OVERALL WINNER* Miss Immy’s blog is a delightful experience provided by Immy and her adventures in life in her beloved London. Most notably, Immy delivers and thorough look on the London life and traditions.

2-    Tripadvisor :

This widely known website has a full range of London related information; it has full hotels reviews and things to do in London. It also features the most established London landmarks like the Ferris wheel or the Big Ben .

3-    London Town :

Comprehensive guide to London’s arts, attractions, restaurants, shops and nightlife, as well as essential services and education establishments. Look out for our Editors’ Choices highlighting the very best the capital has to offer.

4-    A London Guide : Virtual London :

This site provides valuable information about London travels, including best places to visit as well as major places for sightseeing. The site comes also with an accommodation services, like hotel check-ins and events calendar.

5-    Overpaid, Oversexed and Overhere :

 ‘An expat in London’ the author describes himself. What’s really interesting about this blog is that the author blissfully blended her desire to write, with her love for London, the result? A delightful blog with great London content that could get you hooked instantly.

6-    London Travel Guide :

This highly informative site about London has everything a traveler might want to know about the city, from getting around for first-timers to fine restaurants and nightlife, in addition to historical and cultural aspects of London.

7-    Londonist :

It’s a blog about London and everything that happens in it. That means news, reviews and events; the history and future of London. It celebrates the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city. The site creators describe themselves as ‘London obsessives’.

8- : Go London :

Quality posts about pretty much every aspect of London, directed especially to newbies. You can find out on this site about how to plan a trip, the London nightlife and bars, attractions and even arts, written by Laura Porter, a great London fanatic .

9-    3 Guys On a London Bus :

With this London blog, Ronnie, Norm and Chris P will help you be more like a Londoner and less like a tourist when you visit London. They say that when we visit a new city, we always act like tourists, so they tell you what’s on in London and things to do that guidebooks often miss. They will also tell you about special deals that as a visitor to London you never, ever get to hear about.

10- Catch a vibe :

Catch a Vibe is the guide to black culture and going out in London, showcasing everything from theatre and independent movies to comedy and spoken word. There are also many interviews and fashion.

OXO Tower

11- London SE1 :

A very interesting blog about the south-eastern region of London, it talks about diverse topics and had a very enchanting ‘What’s On’ feature, which lets you find out easily about the latest shows, art exhibitions, literature and many more things .

12- Tired of London, Tired of Life :

Don’t let the title mislead you, this is NOT a complaining blog, and on the contrary, it’s an intriguing blog about all the things you could do in London. It’s author initiated the blog following his feeling of tiredness from doing the same thing every day in London, so he began to write a number of things he should do in order to make hs life more interesting.

13-London Eater :

This blog is all about eating in London. It’s is a visual restaurant guide. Three restaurant reviews are released every week. You can use this website to keep up to date with the latest developments on the London dining scene.

14-Spoonfed :

The Spoonfed blog is an insider’s guide to London events with top tips, exclusive previews and a sneak peek behind the scenes at Spoonfed HQ. The blog also has a Music and Gigs section, where you can find about the latest recommended albums and concerts in London.

15- West London Living

West London Living is an online listings and lifestyle magazine compiled by local experts, covering local life, culture, fashion, restaurants, bars, pubs, sport, health and beauty. The site is great for outsiders who want to learn about the London fine living aspects.

16- Jane’s London :

London has lots to see, and I don’t mean the obvious tourist attractions – As a Londonist, Jane shows us the wonderful details that are all around London such as coal holes, old wall ads (ghost signs), doorway mosaics, boot scrapers, pub signs, street names, even letterboxes and door knobs.

17- April’s London Invitation :

This guide to London which the author labels as  ‘unabashedly subjective’, is  very much intending to help others in planning their trip to London for the first time, or for the fourth or tenth time. April’s desire is to demystify the vast, vibrant, sprawling metropolis that is London; to make it possible to navigate with ease. Also, to help you find the quirky, out-of- the- way places that make the London travel experience your London experience .

18-The Cabbies Capital :

This delightful blog documents the life of a cabbie in London, in its most honest, proud and humoristic ways. It’s fun-to-read content is all about the London life, from a cabbie’s perspective .

19- Derelict London :

Derelict London is an unusual photographic portrait; it’s not a compilation of tourists sighs, and it’s not taken to illustrate London at its most beautiful or most successful, but this is an Insider’s London as the author describes it. The blog contains amazing photographs of the capital.

20-The London Foodie :

An Italian-Japanese-Brazilian food fanatic who made London home 20 years ago, tells his experience with London food. His blog Reviews of London’s best value, good quality restaurants & Supper Clubs, wine tastings, favorite recipes and home to the monthly London Cooking Club .

Sloane Square

21-The Greenwich Phantom :

Greenwich is one of the coolest “uncool” places there is in London. It’s not profoundly unfashionable – rather somewhere where it doesn’t occur to people that there is anything more than a few museums, a nice park and the Cutty Sark. The really adventurous might know about the Trafalgar Tavern or venture out to Greenwich market on a Sunday afternoon, but essentially, Greenwich is still relatively undiscovered for one of the great regions of London.

22-A Lady in London :

A 20 something travel consultant from the United States, depicts her adventures in London and traveling all over the world. She has some very interesting posts about London in her posts, including savvy ways to save money around the city.

23- Dulwich On View :

Dulwich OnView celebrates the people and culture of Dulwich and the surrounding areas of South East London. The website deals with many aspects of the London life and has quite vast range of subjects and sections, like food, health and virtual tours.

24-The London Insider :

The latest inside news from London as well as local reviews of restaurants, events, shops, cool places to visit, and tips from a Londoner about cool places to visit, concerts to attend and restaurants to try out.

25-London is Cool :

A 39 year old Aberdonian who ended up living in London, shares his life in the Big Smoke. His posts convey his love for London with his strong enthusiasm and adventurous nature.

26-Le Cool London :

A cool blog which features a selection of cultural events and leisure activities, revealing the things you really shouldn’t miss. They pick the best movies, books and club nights aswell as restaurants, bars and other fine places in London.

27-All in London :

A good blog with an extremely rich content provided by professional writers, their mission is as stated in their blog : ‘’To build the most comprehensive guide to London online’, and they are doing a fine job at it.

28-Ian visits:

Snippets of London history and reviews of lectures/events the author has been to. Also, occasional random musings, rants or political commentary. Unlike thematic blogs, this one doesn’t have a clear them, its author shows his own personality through his blog.

29-London Net :

London Net is a complete blog for London enthusiasts; it has well categorized information about life in London. The blog is divided into sections, cinema, clubs, music, going out…etc

The blog has a kids section, because it says that London is a great city for kids.

30-Mayor Watch :

MayorWatch is an independent and politically neutral site covering political, cultural and infrastructure developments within London. The site is widely known and respected for their impartial coverage of the Greater London Authority; also they provide regular updates on many other important aspects of the capital including tourism, local councils, news from London’s two police forces and other emergency services as well as national government in London.

London Bridge

31-Eat Like a Girl :

An Irish girl who is living happily in London for the past 9 years, talks about food as well as lots of other things about London. Her blog includes tons of tasty London recipes, and settling in London advice. She also does book reviews and recipe critiques.

32-Snipe :

Snipe will concentrate on important news and arts stories that other London rags somehow, inexplicably, miss, or explore them from angles the others are (sometimes intentionally) blind to. Politics, music, films, you name it, it’s all there.

33-The London Cyclist : 

London Cyclist exists to make your everyday cycle that bit more enjoyable. It is there for anyone who cycles in London or anywhere in the world. Through London Cyclist you get fantastic articles that encourage you to cycle more often and explore more of London. You also get to connect with fellow cyclists and exchange tips, ideas and stories.

34- Young and Foolish

Food critic, cafenatic and events leader Daniel Young is on a constant quest for the next breakthrough in taste. He has shared his discoveries, as well as the passions and insights they’ve inspired, in five cookbooks, three restaurant guides, dozens of magazine articles, 100s of newspaper restaurant reviews and at dining and tasting events in London.

35- The Little Lady Went To London :

The site was designed to bring you information on all the best things happening in London; events, parties, nightclubs, restaurants, art, exhibitions, gigs, festivals and just about everything else. We also bring you the latest discount coupons, bargains, vouchers and codes on our London for Less page, fantastic competition prizes, complete restaurant reviews, test and write up our opinion on beauty products, give you behind the scenes gossip from huge events such as London Fashion Week and offer a whole heap of insight into what life is really like for a London lady.

36-Dave Hill’s London Blog :

A very entertaining blog posts from the senior Guardian UK journalist Dave Hill, in which he speaks about the London life and events, showing his opinions and ideas on different matters sport events, politics…etc.

37- Young and Poor :

Weekly emails of deals, discounts and cheap, cool things to do around London for young and poor people – including cheap deals on food & drink, shopping, arts & culture and events.

38-Visit London Blog :

With regular posts from Visit London and guest bloggers, fantastic photos, polls and competitions, we hope the Visit London blog will inspire you to enjoy the best of London. The blog is updated regularly and has so much to offer for London lovers.

39-Visit London :

It’s an outstanding London travel site, apart from its slick modern design, the site delivers a complete London travel advice, like places to go, hotels, getting around in the city, the weather and much more. The site is available in 8 different languages.

40-Informed London :

Fresh events daily to keep you in the loop of what’s good around town. Everything is hand-picked with the aim to introduce you to a creative space where like-minded people within art, fashion and entertainment can get together.


41-Londoner’s eye : is a website for anyone who thinks that London is the ‘devil city’ – hopefully this will change your mind!

Offering informal tips and advice from people who enjoy exploring London, and searching for quality at unusual spots for yours and amusement.

42-London Blog Qype :

The best Big Smoke has to offer! Parties, events, competitions, deals, interviews and area guides. This blog is notably amazing at selecting the most useful topics to post. Qype is the quick, cool way to find and discover places based on the reviews and recommendations of thousands of people. Qype has all the essential information you need, plus reviews, tips and recommendations from our community of reviewers who can tell you the full story about a place before you even walk in the door.

43-Obsessed with London :

Visually pleasant blog about the London experience, the blog has book, films, fashion and music reviews, in addition to social and artistic events. The blog is recent but it’s growing day by day.

44-Smile for London :

Smile for London was born from the desire to use the art of moving image to cheer up recession beaten Tube commuters and encourage Londoners to love their capital again.

With the same passion to bolster London’s spirits during difficult times, we’re launching Word in Motion in response to the London youth riots. Word in Motion gives young people growing up in urban areas the opportunity to see their poetry and voice animate across the screens on the Underground.

45-  Great Little Place :

A very cool blog about the daunting task to show someone around London; the blog has a full guide of the Capital, including places to go, things to do and where to have you meals.

46- View London:

View London, is London’s leading website for Londoners. Established in 2000, It has become the most used entertainment site for London and have more listings and reviews than any other comparable website. The site delivers up to the minute information and independent reviews on the entertainment capital of Europe, entirely for free.

47- Run Riot:

Run Riot is a listing of cultural happenings, updated on a regular basis by a team of writers, agitators and culture enthusiasts around London. The aim is to connect with those actively seeking a culture buzz, to deliver a refined selection of events. Well, it’s a little more than a listing. It’s a ‘guide’ cultivated and nurtured by those on the front line.

48- Time Out London :

Your critical guide to the arts, culture and going out in the capital. It’s an online popular magazine which deals with the London social life and cultural events.

49- London Unattached:

We forget what a large number of Londoners live in single person households (I believe over 40%).  This blog is for YOU – it’s a great place to be ‘unattached’.  I want to show you some of the great things in London for adults – whether you are single or in a relationship.  And my focus on cooking is to provide inspiration on how to produce both simple and extravagant meals for one or two adults.

50-London Walks:

London Walks is the oldest urban walking tour company in the world. It’s also – by common consent – the premier urban walking tour company in the world. It’s the gold standard.

A simple fact and a 24-carat judgment. And they alloy perfectly.

Hyde Park

51-The Worcester Park Blog :

The Worcester Park Blog began with the bold ambition of putting Worcester Park on the map and it continues to cover anything and everything that goes on in the small but perfectly formed town of Worcester Park, Surrey, from local events, shops and restaurants, local politics, planning issues, education, parking problems, traffic jams, accidents, incidents, crime and everything in between.

52-London Savvy Club Blog :

The savvy club is a service specialized in letting clients know about various social events in London, and the blog shares the same idea. You can find out about multiple social events, how to get into the listings or how to buy tickets…etc.

53-Rogue Political :

This little blog is as un-thematic as it gets, but it has a good London section, where you can find tips and tricks to get by in the city, and stories or experiences from which a new visiter can absolutely benefit.

54: Why Go London:

WhyGo travel guides are more than simple guide books put online. You’ll get real recommendations and answers from real experts. WhyGo makes planning your London trip easier.

55-The Top Floor Flat:

An American woman blogs about her life in London, among other things. Initially, the blog started as a way to describe the sights and scenes of London during what was initially meant to be a six month stay. As her residence in the UK was extended, The Top Floor Flat expanded to include reviews of her trips throughout Europe.

56-Jumped The Pond:

Chronicling a couple’s adventures and mishaps as they make the move from Richmond, Virginia to Central London, hoping that the blog posts will entertain some of their friends and give them something to look back on fondly.


Growing up in an industrial urban area nurtures a particularly inquisitive nature in your average ten year old. When your surrounds consist of cotton mills, cobbles and concrete, everywhere is a playground and everything an adventure. When all apparent avenues of diversion had been exhausted, they took up torches and their true adventure began!

58-The Charlton Champion:

The Charlton Champion is a hyper local blog for Charlton, south-east London. It was founded in October 2010 as a response to the almost non-existent local media coverage of events in Charlton, and to highlight events in an area that’s frequently overlooked in favor of its larger neighbors.

59-King Cross Environment:

As part of their Mapping our Patch project, local group King’s Cross Community Projects have started developing a Google map showing related community activity around London. This benevolent act was heartedly received by Londonists, as it helps make the city better.

60-The London Word:

As devoted residents and established enthusiasts of the magnificent sprawling metropolis, the– the urban Wordites – wanted a platform to share with fellow inhabitants (and those who are not) our experiences in, and passions for, London town.

Wembley Stadium

61-From The Upper Deck:

A London photography blog, where you can find daily photographs taken from a London bus, with 50mm lens. The blog show some interesting photos which depicts the English life in general, and The Londonist’s daily errands.

62- River Lee:

Funded by London’s Waterway Partnership, this site offers background on the history, geography and ecology of the Lee, a fascinating and wild patch of London.

63- Classic Cafés :

A chance to pay homage to the capital’s great caffs. You can reminisce over the history of vintage eateries (complete with great archive shots) and check out the reviews of those still going strong. Just don’t offend the author by referring to them as ‘greasy spoons’.


Metro-land’ was a term coined by the Metropolitan Railway Company in 1915, and used to describe the areas of north-west London and Middlesex served by the railway. The different stops became the subject of John Betjeman’s famous 1973 BBC documentary (‘Metro-land’), and this site aims to continue the project with a mix of fascinating archive photos, personal memories and historical accounts (including ’70s timetables for the truly interested).

65-Port City London:

Put together using local London libraries and archives, as well as the National Maritime Museum, this is a treasure trove of material covering all aspects of the capital’s essential and enduring relationship with the river. The archive photographs are brilliant.

66-East London History:

An endearingly scrappy collection of stories about the East End, focusing on the people who lived there and influenced the area’s history. The spirit of rebellion runs through all the accounts – with anarchists, suffragettes, trade unionists and criminals all rubbing shoulders.

67- London History :

Unashamedly academic in its approach, the Centre for Metropolitan History was set up with the Museum of London to promote the ‘study and wide appreciation of London’s character and development from its beginnings to the present day’. For the casual browser the site features information on everything from the history of London markets to the city’s epidemics.

68- Greenwood’s Map of London:

Created by Bath Spa University, this is a simple idea that’s completely engrossing. It’s an interactive map of 1827 London, first drawn up by Christopher and John Greenwood. It covers, in impressive detail, the city from Earl’s Court to the River Lee, and Highgate to Camberwell.

69-Untold London:

This site seeks to ‘discover the history of London’s diverse communities’. What’s impressive is the level to which it delves into local archives and communities, away from the big institutions and exhibitions, to document the past of the capital’s ethnic and cultural groups – so you’ll find a multimedia record of the Greek Cypriot immigrant community next to a profile of Jimmy Peters, the black Greenwich orphan who went on to play rugby union for England.

70-Walk It London :

With the aim of getting more people to walk around London, this site boasts a nifty set of tools to encourage even the laziest city-dwellers. The key feature is bespoke maps – simply enter start and end points for your journey and the site will give you full directions and an estimate of how long the walk will take (depending on whether you’re shuffling slowly or power walking). You can even customize the route to avoid busy streets.


71-Dirty Dirty Dancing:

This slick site showcases the photography of Alistair Allen, who spends his nights on the tiles at some of London’s hippest club nights. Boombox, Trailer Trash, Smash and Grab, and others are all extensively documented.

72-London Architecture Diary:

Listing the vast range of events related to our ever-changing built environment, the London Architecture Diary is run by a small team with exhibitions and debates run by the likes of RIBA.

73- London City Churches:

‘Going out’ in London doesn’t have to involve hedonistic excess – and perhaps this site can provide a welcome change of pace. As its name suggests, this is a guide to City churches – some of the finest ecclesiastical buildings in Europe. So rather than a trip to the obvious St Paul’s, you can hunt out St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe or St Sepulchre-without-Newgate.

74-Hidden London:

A website, with associated print book, dedicated to the little-known corners of London – from Abbey Wood to Yeading (so far there isn’t a listing under the letter Z).

75- My Property Spy:

Get access to property sale prices in London, some dating back to 2000. It’s compulsive reading, and great ammunition when haggling with estate agents who ‘are not at liberty’ to disclose how much your dream house went for when it was gazumped from under your feet.

76- Street Sensation:

Take a virtual tour of London’s busiest shopping streets. With photos and links to more than 3,500 shops, restaurants and bars, the idea is that you’ll always know what to expect when you stumble out of the tube station.

77-LynkU :

This is a designer fashion and furniture sales website specifically for London. It offers free weekly update emails and alerts on sales and promotions and lists them all by category.

78- London Cycle Sport:

A huge online resource for anyone looking to take cycling beyond the functional commute to a more competitive level. There are comprehensive guides to gear, upcoming events and race reports.

79- The Rat and Mouse:

Presented in the form of a blog, this site sifts through the endless (and often conflicting) reports on the state of the London property market and tries to present an expert digest, giving you both useful information and an excellent source of dinner-party gossip.

80- Property Snake

Yet another house-obsessed site, but the twist here is that the prices are laid out in a ‘Top of the Pops’ format, so you can see at a glance who’s up, who’s down, and by how much. The name is a cheeky twist on ‘Property Ladder’, obviously.

London Eye

81- London Noise  Map :

As it sounds – a digest of official government measurements of volume levels across the capital, presented in color-coded map form. You can search by postcode and instantly see how much racket there is on your street relative to the rest of the capital.

82- Urban75 :

A non-profit community site based in Brixton, this site is strongest on protests and activism, with bulletin boards and listings for upcoming marches and rallies.

83- Kudo Cities London :

This ‘city knowledge exchange’ is given the benefit of the doubt; its recent revamp expressed global ambitions but it undeniably built its London community first (under its previous name, Friday Cities). It’s a highly user-friendly site that relies on (and enthusiastically encourages) users to start whatever conversations they want about London.

84- Space Hijackers:

Back in September 2007 these London-based ‘anarchitects’ were kind enough to let Time Out’s Rebecca Taylor join them in their tank to help disrupt an arms fair. Their modus operandi is to reclaim public spaces from amoral corporations in the most imaginative ways possible.

85- London Paranormal :

Who isn’t tempted by the idea of a darkened tour around a ‘haunted’ house, pub or public building? These guys organise just that. Skeptics (see above) would be wise to avoid unless they have genuine nerves of titanium.

86- Stitch London :

We’ve been covering this ad hoc group of London knitting enthusiasts for a while but it still gives us a warm glow to see the information superhighway being used to promote such an endearingly old-fashioned pastime.

87- Beer in The Evening:

It covers London so comprehensively that it simply cannot be ignored. It’s the type that despises the gentrification of every pub in London and yearns for an era of quality, tradition and polite service.

88- Pearly Society :

Could a website be any more London? Dedicated to the community of pearly kings and queens, this site hasn’t been updated for a while but it’s a fascinating historical record with a great archive of photos of the pearliest fully dolled up (and in some cases having a right old knees-up).

89- Smitten by Britain :

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog, and was hooked right away? This is one of those blogs. A lovely woman named Melissa with a delightful writing style, tells a tale about London, but the blog goes beyond that, it features books and movies and gives priceless travel tips.

90- Taylor Taylor London Blog :

Taylor Taylor London’s flagship salon is situated in the ultra-diverse and trendsetting Spitalfields, located in London’s East end. The beautiful listed building has been designed around the days of vintage and echoes the elegance of the Louis XV style. With an interior that has been featured in worldwide press, the salon has an electric charm with six individual rooms, each uniquely designed from a gold Buddha lounge wash room to a Parisian style area complete with chandeliers, chaise longue and bohemian trinkets.

Grey London

91- Secret London :

‘It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of London.’ By this Sherlock Holmes quote on the main page, it becomes crystal clear that the site is all about London and everything about London no matter how small is it.

92-The Great Wen :

A journalist who has worked in the national media since 1993, starting at The Sunday Times as a 17-year-old sportswriter. Until recently, he was features writer at Time Out, where he also edited the Big Smoke section. His blog in full of London influences, he shows his love for the Big Smoke every time he gets a chance to.

93- London Pub Crawl

A London based beer enthusiast talks what he loves best in London, beer. He rates beer, collects it and guide readers through old breweries in London.

94- A Beauty Junkie in London :

A feminist blog  presented by a London lover, this is a blog for all beauty fanatics or anyone who dreams of being polished to perfection and wants to find the products to make it happen (as quickly and easily as possible…)

95- This Is London :

A well-known site among Londonists because of its topics’ diversity, rich content and user-friendly interface. A London lover can find pretty much all about what’s going on in his favorite city. Sports, culture, news, lifestyle, travel… It’s all there.

96- It’s a LDN thing :

20 year old Millie from Tunbridge Wells. Journalism student at University of the Arts, London. Lovingly living/working/breathing London, and her blog conveys exactly that. Her blog has ended being a mixture of all things which I hold close to my heart – fashion, inspiring people, art and great writing on interesting subjects.

97-Spitalfields Life :

A young man tells his daily experience and his life in Spitalfields at the heart of London. He made it his task to describe the exuberant richness and multiplicity of culture in this place to readers.

98-The British Tours London Blog :

Best-known its elaborate tours to destinations such as Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and Stonehenge, They also offer a number of special interest tours such as Architecture, London for Kids, Stonehenge at Dawn or Dusk, London Museums such as The British Museum, the National Gallery etc … and many more.

99- In London Guide :

Is a London portal built in the last month of 2009 with the intention of listing the best places to see and visit in town? There are plenty of sites which list and rank every place in London, but this portal is summarizing.

100-  Just a Plane Ride Away :

An expat Texan living in England again, after a year in the Netherlands. The Blog is just that, her expat adventures in chronological order. She moved to London with her husband after the latter had accepted a job offer in London, which made their dream of living oversees come true.

101- London remembers :

This website has a very clear aim: to vividly capture every memorial in London. The site showcases truly great London signatures, as well as famous monuments and places.

And thats it… Congratulations to all of the London 101, and keep up the great work!

Top 101 London Travel Blog